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I am an online high school math teacher at the Chinook Cyber School and have spent several years trying to find a way to replace the "scrap paper" on my desk.
In the classroom, students would come to my desk with a question and we would work together on a piece of paper to help them understand. Online, that is far more difficult. Or it was until I found Scribblar. Now I often have several Scribblar rooms on the go, sometimes with me active in them all, sometimes just with 2 students working together to sort out a question. And those 2 students may be in schools in different towns many miles apart. Students have given consistent positive feedback about the experience. It is one of the biggest improvements to my teaching this year.

Ms. Jody Seidler
CSI Math/Photography
Chinook Cyber School uses scribblar for online tutoring

We tried out a lot of different online tutoring programs before going with Scribblar.
Several years ago, we introduced almost a dozen different software and hardware setups to our clients, and they all liked Scribblar in particular. I think the best software is intuitive from the get-go, without the need for a lot of explanation. My students immediately knew how to work Scribblar's features, and we were learning within minutes instead of losing time on figuring out the program.
Scribblar has also been ideal for my outreach work; it's what I use for my free SAT videos on YouTube, and the program I use for my volunteer tutoring for the all-girl's home Mudzini Kwetu, in Mombasa, Kenya.

Mark Lawley

Student-Tutor is a full-service tutoring, test prep, and educational coaching service that helps students in middle and high school take the right classes, raise their GPA, increase their SAT score, and ultimately get lots of money is scholarships so they can go to the university of their choice! We use Scribblar for 1-on-1 online SAT prep and academic tutoring in math, English, and other subjects. Scribblar allows our tutors and students to import lessons and homework files to work on simultaneously using all the tools at their fingertips including Wolfram Alpha, the LaTex Equation Editor, and more. We love being able to help students all over the country and world thanks to Scribblar. We <3 Scribblar! :)

Laura Petersen

As former Division Head of Mathematics for the Stanford University Online High School, I have used a wide range of online learning platforms for teaching mathematics online. Scribblar is by far the best system that I have used, and I highly recommend it for teaching and learning mathematics! Scribblar's built-in Wolfram Alpha and LaTeX features are especially useful for mathematics teaching, and I have found that students are highly engaged in active learning when using Scribblar.

Dr. Dana Paquin
Assistant Professor of Mathematics, California Polytechnic State University

In mid-2014 I decided to start out as a private tutor in maths and science, mainly online, for students aged 11-18. I researched the various websites, both free and paying, through which I might interact with my students, and Scribblar came out as the clear winner. I haven't regretted my decision: Scribblar has all the functionality I need, as well as being extremely reliable. In several hundred hours of use, the site has never crashed or cut out - which is important to me as my livelihood depends on it!

I use Scribblar for all of my tutorials: my students and I talk to each other while working together on maths and science problems. We use Wacom tablets for writing our maths working and sketching diagrams. For students who are preparing for exams, I can upload past papers to write on, as well as other resources such as worksheets or information sheets. If needed I can prepare pages of a room in advance of a tutorial, so that there is content waiting for the student when they arrive. I keep the pages from previous tutorials, so that we can refer to and reflect on earlier work; and parents can look at this too, to see what their child has been studying. I love the fact that Scribblar allows me, and my students, to take a snapshot of a page of work, at the touch of a button. That also makes it possible for me to keep an offline record of what we have studied each week.

Scribblar allows you to choose a package which works for you - whether it's many rooms for one or two students each, or a small number of rooms for a much larger number of students at once - and I find it excellent value for money, since it works so well and adds to my value as a tutor. My students' parents are impressed with the site, and the students enjoy using it. There are certain advantages to online Scribblar tutorials compared with face-to-face tutoring: in a face-to-face tutorial I wouldn't be able to pull up so many different resources at a moment's notice, ready to write on, in reponse to a question a student happens to ask or a particular difficulty they are having; nor would we be able to manipulate items on the paper after drawing or writing them. The coloured pens and drawing tools make it easier to express ideas with clarity, and add to the fun. The Wolfram Alpha tool is very convenient for maths and science calculations and graphs, and the LaTeX editor (which is quick to learn) can be helpful for writing properly formatted equations.

In addition to all that, I have found Stefan to be extremely helpful, always responding very quickly to emails and answering any questions I have. As a tutor, I can recommend Scribblar to anyone who is looking for a practical, reliable and user-friendly online interface with their students.

Dr Amanda George
Maths and Science Tutor

When we decided to go to France to do up an old house last year, I thought I would have to stop my teaching. I had been a private English literature tutor for a few years, going to people's houses or asking them to come to mine. The idea that I might possibly be able to continue working with these students when I was so many miles away did not even occur to me. But a friend of mine, a Chemistry tutor, told me about Scribblar before I left; I didn't think it could work so we did a practice session in her house, using two different Skype accounts, and she convinced me.

If I went back to the UK, I would almost certainly continue to work online because Scribblar works so well: my students (aged from 9 to 34) love working on the white board and it means that discussion is focused, clear, reinforced with constant visual support, and a process which involves both of us at the same time. My teaching is much less didactic when I use Scribblar because I am constantly inviting my students to contribute to the lesson. Young children adore it because they can draw pictures in response to poems, underline adjectives in different colours, tick their own work in thick red ink. I go to the pages of certain students to prepare for lessons and find myself looking at a photo of a cat that they have uploaded after the lesson: it's a space they want to use themselves, and own. With older students I can upload exam specifications, scribble all over them, and then undo the scribble; we can look at critical responses to texts and highlight the passages to discuss and learn; we can take away line breaks from poems and wonder what difference it makes.

Every single student I have taught so far using Scribblar has loved it. And now I work from an eighteenth century farmhouse in the south-west of France, teaching young people in London!

Dr Sophie Breese
Online English Tutor

I have been a user of Scribblar since 2010, when I first adopted it as a way of communicating with my external students in the genetics unit that I teach. This was quite successful and subsequently our experiences were presented at conferences and put online. (see this handout from an Ascilite conference in 2011).

Each year since then I have set up rooms for online tutorials 2 or 3 times a semester for my Human Genetics course (which I teach March to June each year). I have students in other Australian states, New Zealand and this year in South Africa.

Jenny Donald
Macquarie University

Scribblar offers a remarkable means of delivering my quarter-of-a-century of biology tutoring experience to online students anywhere in the world. With the aid of Scribblar I have tripled my income and shortly plan to move abroad to a warmer and cheaper location where I can continue to do what I have always done in the UK but under far less stressful circumstances. Without Scribblar none of this would be possible and it is fair to say that it has transformed my existence. I wish you and the team much success in growing and expanding your remarkable business, Stefan. Best Wishes, Matthew Barnes (Online Biology Tutor)

Matthew J. C. Barnes MA MSc DIC FRES
Biology Tutor
Online Biology Tuition

Scribblar has been the perfect tool for communicating with our students in our online pre-calculus course. It is very easy to use. Students do not need accounts to login and can click a link and instantly be interacting with the instructor and classmates. When designing our course, we really struggled to find a way to talk mathematics using notation with students real time. Scribblar was absolutely the perfect tool for online mathematics interaction. We needed to be able to write equations with students without them having to use a sophisticated typesetting system. Scribblar lets us communicate mathematics with students online in much the same way we would do in person. The integration with wolframalpha and latex is ideal. All of the controls are very easy to use. The audio broadcast is very clear and the controls for enabling/disabling student microphones is ideal for educational use. Overall, Scribblar has enabled us to communicate mathematics with students online in a user friendly environment particularly well suited to the necessary equations and figures used in discussions.

Dr. Sarah Eichhorn
Department of Mathematics
University of California, Irvine

At Sydney Distance Education High School we are using Scribblar to connect to students Years 7 to 12. It is so user friendly. More and more staff are adopting its use. It is ideal for instant teacher feedback, especially when students have trouble understanding a concept and also for one on one lessons in real time. It is great that students can re-enter the room at any time to submit assignments etc. or to collaborate on projects. We are embedding links to Scribblar rooms in our online courses also to provide for effective collaboration. Thanks again for this very effective web conferencing tool!
Scribblar is a wonderful web conference tool for our teachers to use to engage students in real quality learning experiences and interactions, especially in Middle School.

Julie Kennedy, Deputy Principal
Sydney Distance Education High School

Scribblar works very well alongside our TutorCruncher data management software. We are happy to report that Scribblar provides a smart online tutoring collaboration platform — we look forward to collaborating further in future!

Woody Webster, CEO

"I LOVE SCRIBBLAR! The functionality is better than most of the high priced collaborative tools I have had to use. This whiteboard has saved many a math student and they look forward to meeting me on Scribblar. What's great is they can go back later and look over what we did, which cuts back on the number of questions I get. That means I can spend more time playing outside! :)

Emily A. Asher

Recently, Pioneer Middle School began a after school online tutoring program for mathematics. We needed virtual classrooms for 3-4 teachers and up to 10 students per classroom. We wanted the interface to be simple and logical, but robust enough to facilitate rigorous discussions. We initially went with one of the big name virtual classrooms and have had nothing but issues. In fact, the day of our launch for the tutoring program we couldn't get our teachers logged in to their accounts. We couldn't even get them to return our emails or calls for assistance. So with about 60 minutes to spare before our first tutoring sessions, I frantically searched for "free virtual whiteboards" and found Scribblar. I literally had 60 minutes before the classes started. We set up free accounts messed around with the interface really quickly, embedded the buttons in our website and have had no problems since then. That is the type of web-based application everyone wants. On top of it all, the developer of the application himself has been helping us with not only logistical situations, but has been extremely generous with pricing. We could not be happier with the application or the customer service!

Joel Williams
Pioneer School District #402


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I've tutored my student Kyle a little over two years. Initially our sessions were in person, one-on-one. Occasionally, I would have to gently nudge him to get back on track. Since we started using Scribblar in October 2012, his level of engagement skyrocketed! It's so much more fun, and the different colors available help in emphasizing key points. We both love Scribblar.
Thank you so much for this magnificent on-line collaboration tool.

Gratefully, Sergio Caveyo
Math Teacher,
Oak Hills, California

We've had good success with the use of Scribblar and especially with the integration of it with our Etherpad application. It's available for use in all of our grades K-12 classrooms. Students use it in school and also continue to collaborate outside of the classroom on their projects - something we needed to support in a better fashion this year. Quite often our teachers embed specific project links in Scribblar within our portal environment for easy student access.

The performance has been solid, and teacher use it to stage activities for students as well as using it as a blank page for student projects. In addition, I use it to assist with committee work, such as our recent academy visioning process where I pre-loaded templates for working groups to respond to as well as sketch out their ideas for classroom environments. It's so versatile and adaptive that we continue to find new uses for it regularly.

Scribblar has quickly become one of our most used collaborative environments.

Jim Hirsch
Plano Independent School District

Scribblar rocks! After searching the web and trying out a number of similar programs, it's very clear that Scribblar is by far one of the best tools for online tutors/teachers. I have been using Scribblar for tutoring Chinese students through the official IELTS examination and have found that its functions including the possibility of uploading documents, real-time whiteboard, audio and text chat to mention just a few, are very user-friendly. Obviously, starting out I had a few doubts and questions about Scribblar and how to use it but the response from the team and especially Stefan 'The Scribblar Guy' was rapid and complete. Thank you!

John Palmer - English teacher @ BIGTIME ENGLISH

I use Scribblar to conduct online lessons to students from 3rd graders to high school students, be it problem solving, SAT/SSAT preps or reading/writing group lessons.
The site is very user-friendly so even the younger kids have no problems actively participating in the online live discussions.
The most impressive feature is the customer service. I could never thank Stefan enough for his assistance and prompt response whenever there are suggestions or some questions. The price is very reasonable, much cheaper than sites that offer less services.

Thanks a lot for helping me reach out to out-of-state motivated, talented students.

Mrs. Lin
Ffreelance academic coach for gifted students

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I am an AIG teacher at Brooks ES and work at Brooks Museums Magnet ES in Raleigh, NC. Every year our fifth grade class writes and performs an Opera. This is the second year I have been working with the 8 fifth Braden writers and we are using Scribblar to write, collaborate, and finalize our opera script. It has been the most useful tool I have ever used, and allows my students to share ideas, critique and revise one another, while writing the script. Thank you for this useful tool!

Sandra Heath

I just wanted to drop you a note and express my thanks and gratitude for the product you offer.

Since my former spouse and I have a 50/50 custody schedule with our children, it becomes problematic to help my children with their homework, particularly math.

Tonight, I tried out Scibblar and invited my oldest daughter who phoned me earlier today asking for help with math. She logged in while at her mother's house, I logged in while at my house.
I walked her through several sample math problems until she got the concept and then had her do some on her own, while I watched on my own computer screen.

After we were done, I have to admit, I teared up, because I have finally found a solution that will help us stay connected and enable me to help my kids with school work whenever they need it.
I'll be getting my kids a headset, too, so we can talk together while we're working together.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

A user from Tulsa, OK


I am in the IT department and help introduce new technologies into the classroom. Our district is going to a 1:1 initiative next year where the 4th and 5th grade students will each receive a netbook.

I am presently going into the 3-5th grade classes experimenting in collaborative lessons using 6 netbooks. I group 4 or 5 students to a netbook and use Scribblar for the collaborative class assignment.

In Third grade each group will log into our room. Groups take turns identifying the oceans and continents by dragging the word to the appropriate place on the globe. This is viewed by all the students on their netbooks as well as on the Interactive Whiteboard. Students then download the map and paint the continents green, oceans blue, equator red and label continents and oceans in white. The completed work is then uploaded to the teachers digital drop box.

In Fourth Grade each group takes turns underlining the two parts of a sentence. One line for the subject, two lines under the predicate. Each group uses different colors. A subject predicate assignment is then downloaded.....completed in a similar manner using Open Office on their netbooks and uploaded to the teachers digital drop box.

In Fifth Grade each group is assigned a Scribblar page number which has the name of a patriot of the American Revolution. They then use the internet to find information about that person. The group then presents their page of information to the class.

The students have all enjoyed using Scribblar. ALL students want to participate, they are excited about the assignment, amazed that they can what other groups are doing and best of all learning the material presented.

Ken Lukawski
IT Department, Byron CUSD

I am the Energy Manager of the Georgetown County School District in Georgetown, SC. We have 21 campuses across the district. Our county is a large county and can sometimes require hours of driving time for each campus. I am in charge of an energy management program that monitors and controls the hvac systems, water heaters, and lighting at the various campuses.

Lately we have discovered an incredible use for Scribblar. In the year of budget crunches we are training building managers on how to use our energy management program to see if there are any problem with hvac systems. This way we can help reduce the number of false calls since now we verify whether the units are actually working or a teacher is simply cold. Using Scribblar we now train the building managers without having to be onsite. I believe it will save funds that can be better used for books and other educational material instead of travel time and fuel.

Tony Holcomb
Energy Manager
Georgetown County School District


I teach New Media and Global Communications courses at Hannam University in Daejeon S. Korea.

All textbooks use charts and graphs and stats to help clarify the text. Some are exciting. Some are not, but they are all important enough that authors and publishers chose to include them to help students learn. I feel that many students just glance over these wonderful charts.

I often have students recreate these charts on their tests so that they give the charts the attention that they deserve.

I use Scribblar as a classroom tool and have the students recreate the charts in the book. Sometimes I divide the classroom into teams and have them compete for the best looking or quickest production. Other times I have different parts of the class create different aspects of the chart.

I always make them communicate 'in real life' as well so that they don't draw over each other's work, etc. It works well. Sometimes too well. Most of my students now ace the portion of my tests where they need to recreate charts. This used to be the part of the tests that separated the A's and B's. Now I need another differentiator to separate the top students from the rest of the group. This is a good problem to have :)

Ken Morrison
Assistant Professor of New Media and Global Communications

Hannam University - Linton Global College
South Korea

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I am a huge fan of Scribblar and my students are , too!

We used the application about three times and it was highly successful. I was so excited about it that I tweeted to others and even made a screenprint to show them.
I used it for:
- providing feedback (from students)
- linking listening with writing (students could hear me talk and that is esssential for second-language learners)
- practicing vocabulary
- understanding directions (at the time my teachign was focuse don adverbs of place and how to follow directions and the students, by listening, could follow my directions- where, what and how to draw something in collaboration with me)

The uses are varied and I intend to make use of your app as often as possible. It is an intuitive web app that allows for a great variety of tasks.

Best regards,
Cristina Milos

I used Scribblar in my Online Digital Communications class. It was our main mode of collaboration during the Visual Literacy unit of our course.

Linda A Bowers, Houston ISD

I take online classes, and I've made some really great friends that live too far away from me to visit. One day, a friend and I decided to start a book club. We lived several hours apart, so we decided we would meet online. We chose Scribblar to meet in because it was convenient, free, and easy to use. Our book club is going on a year since our creation, and we've read about 10 books, plays, and short stories. Thanks, Scribblar!

Christy B.

I used to use dimdim but they were down one day so I tried scribblar and I haven't looked back (and now with buying dimdim there out of the space).
I tutor students on SAT test prep and use scribblar as my white board. I never have a problem with it :-)

It allows me to keep my focus on what i love to do - teaching - without having to worry about the tech stuff.

Stacey Howe-Lott, M.Ed.


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